Unique’s new DNA Sequencing animated video

More and more people and families will receive a rare chromosome or single gene diagnosis from a genomic test called DNA sequencing. But what is DNA sequencing and how does it work?

For Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorder Awareness Day 2023, we’re launching the second in a series of jargon busting animations to help families better understand key parts of genomics. Produced by the Unique team, working with Manta Ray Media, film producer Adam Brichto, artist and animator Aimée McLernon, Consultant Clinical Geneticist and Unique Trustee Dr. Shwetha Ramachandrappa and Consultant Genetic Counsellor Dr. Vishakha Tripathi, the aim is to cut through some of the more complex terms in an accessible, straightforward way.

We think this ‘jargon buster’ from Unique will be of real benefit to lots of families now and well into the future as they begin to come to terms with their family member’s condition and the diagnosis. We hope that it will be will be useful for families who want to understand more about the genomic tests they or their children have but also professionals, helping to explain DNA sequencing to their patients.

With our sincere thanks to the Openwork Foundation for kindly providing funding to make this happen.

This is the second animation in our Jargon Buster series. To watch the first one, about Array-CGH testing, please click here