Understanding Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorders
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Dr. Shwetha Ramachandrappa


Hello I am Shwetha.  I am a Consultant Clinical Geneticist based at Guys Hospital in London.  I graduated from Oxford Medical school in 2006 and completed my Specialist Training in Clinical Genetics in 2017.  I am passionate about ensuring that advances in genetic technology make a difference to as many people as possible.  I meet children and families who have been affected by rare disease on a day to day basis in my clinic.  Unique has played a vital role in supporting many of my patients over the years.  I know that when I recommend Unique to families they will be met with warmth, compassion, specialist knowledge and practical advice.  Attending Unique events, listening to members of the Unique community speak and reading the literature Unique produces has helped me to better understand the challenges facing my patients and their families.  I am really pleased to be able to serve as a trustee of such a valued organisation that continues to teach me so much.  Alongside my clinical work I work as a research scientist within the Genes and Health study.  Our study uses genetic information from healthy individuals from ethnic minorities who have traditionally been underrepresented in genetics studies to help us gain a better understanding of rare genetic disease.