Understanding Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorders

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to everyone using the Unique Members Area including social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Unique believes that online social networks, chat rooms, message boards, and other interactive areas are valuable places for Unique members to exchange information and learn from one another. Like any community, these areas are most valuable when everyone obeys certain basic guidelines and rules for online behaviour. This code sets forth these guidelines and rules so that you know what is expected of you and what you can expect from other participants when using them.

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Code of Online Conduct

By participating in any social network, chat room, message board, or other interactive area linked to Unique, you agree that you will not upload, post, or otherwise transmit any content — including text, communications, software, images, sounds, data, or other information (“Content”) — that:

(1) is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libellous, invasive of another’s privacy, vulgar, obscene, racially or ethnically offensive, or otherwise objectionable;

(2) infringes on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary rights of any party;

(3) constitutes advertising in any form, including, but not limited to, advertising of products or services for personal or commercial gain, links to external commercial websites, junk mail, “spamming,” chain letters, or any other form of unauthorised solicitation;

(4) contains software viruses or any other computer code or files that are designed to disrupt, damage, or limit the functioning of any software or hardware; or

(5) impersonates any person or entity, including a Unique employee or member.

Right to Remove Content

Unique generally does not pre-screen or edit the Content posted by participants in chat rooms, message boards, or other interactive areas on Unique‘s website(s). However, Unique and its agents have the right at their sole discretion to remove any Content that, in Unique‘s sole judgment, does not comply with the guidelines in this Code of Online Conduct or is otherwise inappropriate for this forum, harmful, objectionable, or inaccurate. Unique is not responsible for any failure or delay in removing such Content.

Security & Privacy

Unique advises against you putting personal details, such as name, address, email address, financial details etc. on discussion forum but does not prevent you from doing so. Although users are required to login with a password, members can read all posts and use their content. Unique does not accept any responsibility for consequences arising from you publishing personal details.

To prevent misuse you should not divulge your Unique login details to anyone else.

Any message you post on our forum is considered to be ‘information‘ and is recorded by us. This information is only retained for as long as is necessary. We have implemented technology to protect the privacy of our members‘ messages from unauthorised access and will update these measures as new technology becomes available.

We reserve the right to modify, edit or remove any unsuitable or offensive information you post on our Members‘ Forum and, if necessary, to deny you future access without prior warning. If the decision is taken to bar a user, their membership number, login and password will be denied access.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Most of the Content in the Unique Discussion Forum is provided by third parties like you. Such third-party Content is the sole responsibility of the person originating the Content. A record is kept of the originator of the Content. Unique does not control and is not responsible for this third-party Content.

Unique does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness, usefulness, non-infringement on intellectual property rights, or quality of any Content on the chat rooms, message boards, or other interactive areas on Unique‘s website, regardless of who originates that Content. You expressly understand and agree that you bear all risks associated with using or relying on the Content. You should always consult your doctor before undertaking any form of medical treatment. Unique will not be liable or responsible in any way for any Content in the interactive areas on its website, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in the Content, or for any losses or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of or reliance on any Content. This disclaimer and limitation on liability is in addition to the disclaimers and limitations contained in the Site Terms of Use that apply to all use of Unique‘s websites.

Medical Professionals and Posting of Medical Information

By default all users are considered to be non-medical professionals. Any medical professionals must identify themselves as such when posting medical information. Medical information posted is designed to complement the relationship between a patient and his/her health professional/s and is not intended to replace the advice of a health professional.

All users of the forum undertake only to disseminate information which is true and correct to the best of their knowledge. If you post any information which is not your own personal experience, you must reference the information, attribute it to the author and provide links to any relevant website. Personal experience is defined as any symptom, test, treatment etc that you or a close relative have undergone. No personal details which could identify you or a member of your family should be given.

Last edited by Beverly Searle BSc(Hons) PhD CBiol MRSB 5th January 2018