The more eagle-eyed among you will have seen actor Adam Astill in shows like Eastenders and Holby City (and as Mr Hammond in Andy’s Safari Adventures – one for the kids!). Adam is a great supporter of Unique and recently took time out to record a short video message about the work we do to help families.

David Astill talks about Unique [Transcript Below]

Isolation and uncertainty can be particularly distressing at this time of year, as many of our families will know only too well. We need to be there to help all Unique families, plus the ever-growing number of families who will need us over the coming year. If you can, please support our year-end appeal so we can further grow our knowledge and understanding of these rare conditions.

Just visit and together we can help more families like our festive shining stars below. Alternatively, you can donate via Facebook by clicking here

Festive Shining Stars!

Video transcript:

Hello I’m Adam Astill and I’m a big supporter of Unique and I’m in complete awe of what they do. Now, through friends who are much more knowledgeable and cleverer than what I am, I’ve learned about the vital work Unique does to provide information, support and most importantly hope, to families who have received the diagnosis of a rare chromosome or gene disorder. Receiving this sort of news for yourself or your child can be incredibly isolating and uncertain.

Unique aims to relieve this isolation by providing information about the condition, about how a person might be affected and what they might expect in the future. Unique will also network across the world linking families who have similar issues or diagnoses.

You may have seen or heard in the news about new exciting genetic tests like genome sequencing, this new technology means more and more people are receiving a genetic diagnosis so there are more and more families who are in desperate need of Unique’s help.

Now Unique’s work doesn’t just benefit a newly diagnosed families, but by developing greater understanding, knowledge and awareness, it benefits all those affected whether they were diagnosed last week, last year or whenever.

Now for just 10 pounds, a family can get an understanding listening ear, information and a network of families who understand the journey they’re on. Your help is needed now more than ever. A whole year of supporting over 30,000 people worldwide costs about 300 Grand. I mean that’s your average Premiership footballer’s weekly wage. Find out more and donate by going to Unique’s website . Thank you!