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Understanding Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorders

With your help....

Only with your help in these times of uncertainty can we continue to support families coming to terms with a diagnosis of a rare chromosome or single gene disorder for their child. How would you like to donate? Please scroll down for the ways you can do this.....

How would you like to donate?

How your donations help

In just one month recently, thanks to your support, we were able to achieve the following:

  • Our helpline handled over 1,000 emails and many phone calls from families and professionals.
  • We welcomed and helped over 200 new families, providing support and information they weren't able to get elsewhere
  • We surpassed 22,000 member families, representing over 24,000 individuals with a rare chromosome or single gene disorder.
  • We produced the latest in our series of Practical Guides for Families - a brand new information guide on resources to help families cope when self-isolating because of COVID 19, issued within days of lockdown!

With the extraordinary situation due to COVID 19 and people not being able to meet to raise funds for us,  our income has fallen and we need your donations more than ever.  THANK YOU!