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Understanding Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorders

Awareness Day 2022

Thursday June 16th is Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Day.

It’s a day to celebrate, educate, shine bright together and reach out to those who need help or might not have heard of chromosome and gene disorders. So many people haven’t heard about chromosome & gene disorders…yet!

We want to celebrate all the unique children and adults and their amazing achievements. Help us shine bright together for all those living with and affected by rare chromosome and gene disorders.

Here’s a few things you can do for #Rarechromoday

Do some baking with Unique’s Big Blue Baking Kit

Cake sales are always a big hit and our Baking Kit is sure to help yours be a huge success…..

Big Blue Bake Sale Kit and Poster

To download details about the Baking Kit, plus a poster to use for your bake sale, just click here.  To give your cake sale and stylish and  totally ‘unique’ feel, we’ve also designed a selection of cupcake flags and cupcake toppers.

Click here for the Cupcake flags (with instructions for use) or Click here for the Cupcake toppers

Click here to order edible rice paper toppers from

Show you care by wearing blue & yellow on June 16th and click here to make a donation

TELL TELL TELL! Sharing your experience can be so rewarding for you and your family and helps others to realise they are not alone. Why not use this opportunity to post something on social media to help raise awareness?

Need some help with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Just email Arti on today!

We can only go on supporting families, providing information and raising awareness with your help! If you need some help, please email ….. he’ll be pleased to hear from you.

Wear that you care!

Our awareness wristbands and discreet pin badges are available from our online shop.

Other ways to get involved could include:
•Snap a photo of your child and share on all your social media accounts using #uniquenotalone #rarechromo #rarechromoday

•Use our new Facebook profile photo frame and banner – details to be released nearer the day!

•Share a video telling people about chromosome disorders, your affected family member and how Unique helps with information, networking and support

If you’re happy to share a snippet of your life with the general public via Unique’s website and social media, please email a photo and few words to Arti at Sharing stories in this way really helps to raise awareness of the realities of Unique families.

Whatever you do – have fun! Your contribution, however small you think it is, is absolutely vital.

For more information about Unique, please email