Understanding Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorders

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Welcome to Unique, the charity supporting all those with rare chromosome & gene disorders and their families.

Please support us by buying your 'unique' Christmas cards and stocking fillers today. All proceeds go towards our work to help families affected by these rare conditions.

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Welcome to Unique!

Unique provides support, information and networking to families affected by rare chromosome and gene disorders.

Our helpline team can help you understand your family member's diagnosis and connect you with others. Why not join us today? Alternatively, have a look around first and contact us when you're ready....

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What does a Genetic Counsellor do?

Have you ever wondered what a genetic counsellor does, how they might be able to help you or why you or your family might be offered genetic counselling? This brand new video from Unique is for you....

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Farewell Gill

We recently said goodbye and thank you to Gill Manvell, who has selflessly served as a Unique trustee for many years. Here, in her own words, is her own and Unique's jouney to where we are now...

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New Research Study 16p11.2 duplication, 22q11.2 deletion and 1q21.1 deletion

Details of a new research study at Cardiff University focusing on 16p11.2 duplication, 22q11.2 deletion and 1q21.1 deletion

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