Have you received a genetic lab report and struggled to interpret it and understand what all the complex scientific language used actually means for you or your family member? If you have, you are not alone!

At Unique, we are often asked if we can help to explain the genetic results our members have received in a lab report, so we’ve written a brand new guide that does just that. It has been written in collaboration with two trainee genetic counsellors, Lucy Dowden and Beth Hughes, and verified by Dr Abhijit Dixit, Consultant Clinical Geneticist at the School of Medicine, University of Nottingham, UK. We would like to extend a huge thank you to them for volunteering their valuable time. The guide to ‘Interpreting Genetic Test Results’ is available now… just click here. We hope you find it helpful!

If you have any further questions about interpreting a genetic report or would like help interpreting your/your child’s genetic report, please get in touch with Unique (help@rarechromo.org) or contact your local Genetics service. You may also find Unique’s Glossary of Genetic / Genomic terms helpful.