Our #shiningstar today is the adorable Theodore.

“The day Theodore was born we knew he was unique. He struggled at the beginning and we were lost for a while because we couldn’t get answers. We continued to push and advocate for our son and we began to find answers. We discovered he was missing a chromosome, specifically 54 genes of 7p22.1 . This deletion has effected much of his development, but as a family we have learned how to adapt and push him to be his best!

Theodore has been through a lot in his young years but he is a fighter. He has therapy 4-5 days a week, and often has many appointments and sometimes it can become overwhelming. But he pushes himself and he has a little brother that keeps him motivated. Besides setbacks Theodore is such a smart two year old that loves Trolls, Mickey Mouse, being outside and his shapes! He has changed all of our lives for the better. He has given us much wisdom, love and courage. He has taught us more than we will ever know! .

He is a shining star and he shines so bright!!”

Thank you so much for sharing Theodore’s story Brachla. We love reading your posts, hearing about how Theodore is progressing and seeing the lovely photos of him. He always looks so happy despite the challenges he faces.