Quiz for genetics professionals

Flora Joseph, Genetic Counsellor at AWMGS has created a quiz for genetics professionals to help raise awareness of rare chromosome & gene disorders and fundraise in support Unique. To participate, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit Flora’s Just Giving page and make a donation: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/RareChromoQuizForPros
  • Complete the quiz below and email your answers to Flora at Flora.joseph@nhs.net – if you don’t know the answers have a guess, you never know!
  • Please forward this quiz to any other genetic professionals (medics, scientist, academics, family history coordinators, secretaries, administrators, students etc) who you think would be interested!

1.     In which year was the first observation of chromosomes made?

2.     What year was the first human gene cloned? What was it?

3.     What is the candidate gene for features observed in individuals with a 3p25 deletion?

4.     How many genes are currently known to be imprinted (+/- 10)?

5.     How many genes are thought to be on the Y chromosome (+/- 10)?

6.     Yuan-Harel-Lupski (YUHAL) syndrome has the features of a combination of which two other disorders? Which chromosome is affected?

7.     How was the word ‘genome’ created?

8.     Name a radioisotope that has been used for radiolabelling in Sanger Sequencing:

9.     How many members does Unique have (+/- 100)?

10.  How many languages have Unique guides been translated into?

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Thank you for taking part in the quiz for professionals. The quiz will close on Friday 25th June and the winner will be announced by Monday 28th June. The top 3 scorers will receive a Unique pin badge and a certificate to print and display where they choose!