We’ve been asked by our friends at the University of Sheffield to share details of a new research project, looking at communication abilities in children with rare genetic conditions.

They are interested in families who have a child aged between 2 years and 15 years 11 months old with a gene change or chromosome deletion involving the following:

SYNGAP1 gene change or 6p21 deletion

DYRK1A  gene change or 21q22 deletion

ANKRD11 gene change or 16q24 deletion

ARID1B  gene change or 6q25 deletion

MED13L gene change or 12q24 deletion

SETD5 gene change or 3p25 deletion

ADNP gene change or 20q13 deletion

TRIP12 gene change or 2q26 deletion

Please see details below or click here to visit their website to find out more.