Understanding Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorders
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Edna Knight MBE

Founder, Life President, Trustee

I am Edna Knight, Unique’s Life President and a Trustee.  I started the group with four  families back in 1984 as the Trisomy 9 Support Group which subsequently became Unique. I have been blessed with four daughters and in 2012, a grandson Jack.  My girls are Wendy, Linda, Julie and Claire.   Linda has a normal set of chromosomes, while Wendy and Julie have a partial duplication of short arm of chromosome 9.  Claire, who is Jack’s mum, has a balanced insertional translocation like myself.

Wendy is 58, she attends a Skills Development Centre and has also done work experience for a few hours a week in a local company which she really enjoyed and developed many skills.  Julie is 51 and has worked in an office doing a variety of tasks in many departments where she gained lots of experience and made many friends.  She is now doing various voluntary work.  The girls have good memories and continue to achieve new challenges.