Understanding Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorders
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Edna Knight MBE

Founder, Life President, Trustee

I am Edna Knight, Uniques Life President and a Trustee. I started the group with four other families back in 1984. I have been blessed with four daughters and in 2012 a little grandson Jack who is adorable. My girls are Wendy, Linda, Julie and Claire. Linda has a normal set of chromosomes, while Wendy and Julie have a partial duplication of short arm of chromosome 9. Claire, who is Jacks Mum, has a balanced insertional translocation like myself. Wendy is 52, attends a Skills Development Centre and does work experience for a few hours a week in a local company which she really enjoys. Julie is 46 and works in an office doing a variety of tasks in many departments where she has made many friends. The girls have made good progress and are still achieving new things.