Understanding Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorders
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Charlotte Wilmshurst

Information Officer - Family Support (Maternity Cover)

Hello, I’m Charlotte and I’m the newest member of the team, having joined in February 2024 as an Information Officer (maternity cover). I’m excited by the opportunity to support Unique in its inspiring work and to meet many Unique families! 

My role as frontline staff is to provide practical and emotional support to families with rare chromosome and gene disorders, provide a listening ear and answer questions by email and on the telephone helpline. I also answer queries from professionals and match members based on their rare chromosome disorder.

Alongside this role, I am completing a Masters in Genomic Medicine at Imperial College London. I have worked as a carer in my local community in various positions, have completed a counselling course and have volunteered on a crisis line. I have also helped run support groups for people with life-limiting conditions and am passionate about supporting them and their families.

I look forward to speaking with many of you in the coming weeks and months.

Charlotte Wilmshurst BSc(Hons)