Understanding Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorders
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Beverly Searle BSc(Hons) PhD CBiol MRSB

Hello! I’m the CEO and have been passionately involved with Unique since the birth of my daughter Jenny in 1990, first as a volunteer and since 1999 as a staff member. Before that I was a research biologist with an interest in the biochemistry and genetics of yeast. What a coincidence then that Jenny should be born with a chromosome deletion! Jenny was profoundly disabled and very medically complex; sadly we lost her when she was 21 years old but we are very proud to have had her in our lives. My son Jonathan is a doctor and my husband Trevor was a software specialist before retirement; together Trevor and I have developed and maintain Unique’s members’ database. I am responsible to the Trustees for the day to day running of Unique and development of our services; I help respond to queries from new families and professionals and aim to raise the profile of rare chromosome disorders and the work of Unique.

Beverly is the editor of  the Unique website. This is an explanation of her qualifications:

BSc(Hons) – Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Applied Biology

PhD – Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biological Sciences

CBiol – Chartered Biologist

MRSB – Member of the Royal Society of Biology