Understanding Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorders
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Anita Davis

Information Officer - Family Support

Hi, I am Anita and I am delighted to join the Unique team.

Professionally I have worked as a Midwife for the last 26 years. In the latter part of my midwifery career, I was working in a department which offered screening and counselling for expectant mums, when an abnormality had been detected in a pregnancy. This is where I came across unique, when I was doing a genetic course at work.

My role at Unique is to support families and professionals with rare chromosome and specific single gene disorders. I am passionate about giving a listening ear and support to families who are facing a tough time. I am here to provide information and answer queries and to match families on the basis of their rare chromosome disorder, symptoms or treatments.

I am also a mum to 3 busy teenage boys, who all keep me on my toes and have their own unique challenges in life. My eldest son, who is now fit and well, had cancer age 14 months old. My middle son is on the autistic spectrum and my youngest son has size 15 feet, which presents a whole new challenge in itself!