Understanding Rare Chromosome and Gene Disorders
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Gillian Manvell


In 1983 my partner, Peter, and I first met as founder members of a company designing technology for schools; we still run the company. In 1990 our first child, Lucy was born with an unbalanced translocation (deletion 10p13pter/duplication 5q35.2qter) and I discovered that I carry a 5q;10p balanced  reciprocaltranslocation. I contacted Edna and was met with great kindness and patience. I became a member of Unique’s management committee in 1993 and served as the first Chair of Unique during its transition from registered charity to a charitable company limited by guarantee. Our vision is of a society that values and embraces the diversity of rare chromosome disorders and supports, without prejudice, all people affected by them and the life choices they make.