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Unique couldnít exist without you......

Without the donations and brilliant fundraising efforts of our members, supporters and friends, we simply couldnít go on providing our services to help anyone born with a rare chromosome disorder.

Imagine having a baby, realising something is wrong and receiving a diagnosis, only to be told by the doctors that they donít know what the future holds and canít answer your many questions. Thatís where Unique comes in.

Unique is the leading charity providing specialist information and support to families coming to terms with a diagnosis and the medical professionals caring for them. We offer comfort where previously there was only distress, "lightening the darkness" as one new mum told us. This is how we help:

  • our listening ear help service is the first point of contact for parents & professionals, giving the support they need
  • our unique information project has produced over 200 accessible information guides to specific chromosome disorders, helping parents & professionals to understand
  • our specialist database is used daily by professionals, helping them care for their patients
  • our family matching service, links those living with similar conditions, helping them realise they are not alone
  • study days and other events bring together families and professionals to develop our knowledge

New technology means many more children than ever before are being diagnosed. In the last year alone more than 1,500 parents approached us for help, straining our limited resources. This is why we need your support now.

Please consider making a donation, click here to donate now. Alternatively, click here to get involved in a fundraising event. Contact Craig at if youíre setting up an event or want to take part in one. Alternatively we have lots of suggestions in our fundraising pack

Thank you for caring about children affected by rare chromosome disorders