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Raising Awareness

A key part of Unique’s work is raising awareness of rare chromosome disorders so that professionals and the general public know more about them and their effects. We really need your help to do that.

One way you can help is to give a presentation. This can be done at your child’s school, at a local group you go to such as the WI or just to friends and family. We have developed a generic presentation called ‘The Unique Network’ which gives a clear and simple overview of what a rare chromosome disorder is, how it affects families and what Unique does to help.

You do not need to be a geneticist or medical professional, it’s been designed so that anyone with experience of a rare chromosome disorder, such as a parent or grandparent, can deliver it. Personal stories are always well received by audiences, and more so when it involves children. It can be tailored by adding in photographs of your own child if you wish (we know from experience that the personal touch really adds to the presentation).

Often as a result of giving a presentation, fundraising opportunities arise, whether a collection on the day, a small donation from the committee or future fundraising events on our behalf.

We can support you prior to giving your talk and discuss what works well. If you are interested, contact Beverly at or Craig Mitchell at or call +44 01883 723356 with the details of your event.