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Unique in the House of Lords
Unique Patron Baroness Neville-Jones spoke about Unique in the House of Lords. Click here to read her speech (scroll down to column 140). An important issue relating to Unique's work to help all families affected by rare chromosome and single gene disorders.
Unique's Summer 2017 Magazine Now Available
Click here for link to Unique's Summer 2017 magazine for registered members. You'll need to log in to the members' area to be able to view and download it.
Brand New Practical Guide for Families
'Behaviour and Sensory', the latest in our series of practical guides for families is now available. Packed full of resources and coping mechanisms. Free to Download. Click here for more.
Bringing People Together
Friendships and support networks have been formed between Unique families across the world, often between families whose children have quite different chromosome and gene disorders. Click here to read about 4 such friends from the UK who tell us about their friendship and how they support each other.
Unique's new 16p12.2 Deletion Guide is now available
Please click here to links to the information section to read and download this new guide to 16p12.2 Deletions (formerly known as 16p12.1 deletions). Scroll down to the Chromosome 16 section to find the links.
BINGO research study
BINGO stands for Brain and Behaviour In Neurodevelopmental disorders of Genetic Origin. BINGO is a research project involving researchers from the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (MRC CBU), University of Cambridge and University of Oxford. Their aim is to find out the different ways that genes can affect the brain, and understand the different problems that this can cause for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID). Please click here for more information.
New Locker/Trolley Coin Keyrings
In the UK, new one pound coins have just launched. Don't get caught out, order your brand new Unique locker/trolley coin in the new shape. Special offer, order up to three for just £2 each (no p&p) and for more than three, just £2 each plus £3 p&p (UK). To order, please email Click here to see a pic!
My Genome Sequence animation from GOSH
Click here to see a great new animation from GOSH. Discover what your genome is and how the technology behind whole genome sequencing works.
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Calling Unique Superheroes!!!
Pull on your cape and join thousands of fellow runners (including some Unique superheroes....) for the London Superhero run. It's in Regent's Park on Sunday 14th May. You just need to raise a minimum of £100 and you get FREE costume. Don't worry, it's not a race and should be taken at your own pace, whether you run, walk or jog. Bring the whole family along or do it solo and make friends along the way - it's sure to be a day you never forget.... Please email for details.