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New Member Families

Welcome to Unique

Please do join us as a new member of Unique. We hope that through membership of Unique you will feel supported in finding out more about your child's or your own rare chromosome disorder. Perhaps your child is still a baby or has passed the baby stage but has only just been diagnosed. Discovering that your child has, or you yourself have, a rare chromosome disorder can come as a great shock. You might be feeling a mixture of emotions; sadness, confusion, numbness, anger, guilt, "why me?", isolation, bewilderment and even a sense of bereavement, sometimes sadly literal but very often a sense of grief for the child you anticipated. Perhaps your reaction to your child has surprised you. You might be feeling overwhelmed at your lack of knowledge about your own or your child's condition or despairing that your own or your child's condition hasn't even got a proper name. Whatever your feelings, rest assured that other members of Unique, including the group's organisers, have experienced at least some, if not all, of them. We know how much it can help to talk to people who understand what you are going through and even what you are talking about.

You are not alone!

Please do become a member and use Unique's services. For more information about our services please take a look at our How Can We Help section and then explore the website. If you have a question, we will do our very best to answer it or point you in the direction of someone who can.

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