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Fundraising at Work

There are lots of different ways companies can support Unique's work, from making a donation, to staff doing some fundraising, to the company making us their Charity of the Year. Below are some ideas but if you'd prefer to, why not give us a call to discuss how you can help?

Charity of the Year

If your company has a charity of the year, please consider nominating Unique. It's a great way to engage staff in fundraising and volunteering to help children who are often sick and disabled with very rare disorders.

We were recently delighted to be chosen as the Charity of the Year for Venn Group, a leading recruitment company. Their staff took part in lots of activities throughout the year and were able to provide funds to directly support our frontline services. We were nominated by a Unique dad who made sure all his colleagues voted for us!

Workplace Fundraising

Lots of our members fundraise for us at work, either within their own teams or offices or if they own their own company. Some fun ideas to get everyone involved include:

Staff at Connections Recruitment in Berkshire supported Unique recently

  • Hold a ‘mufti' (dress down) day: staff make a donation to dress casually
  • Have a bake-off/cake sale: cakes always go down well at work!
  • On the refreshments theme, a coffee morning can be relaxing and good fun
  • Hold a raffle: get business partners/customers involved and ask them to donate prizes. You could even raffle a day off! The winner gets an extra day's holiday.... if the boss agrees!
  • Organise your own Olympics! Can be done indoors on games consoles and even between two teams from different departments
  • Have a team quiz night. Teams can be from different departments or you can rope in friends and family to take part
  • Skip lunch: ask everyone to skip lunch and donate what they would have spent
  • Sponsored events: from walking, to running to cycling, even a group workout, why not organise an after work event

Your imagination is the only limitation here (and the company's health & safety policy of course!)

Payroll Giving

If you’re in the UK, Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn or GAYE) allows you to make donations to a chosen charity such as Unique directly from your pay or company/personal pension. The donations are made after your National Insurance contributions are calculated but before Income Tax is worked out and deducted. Because of this, you only pay tax on what's left. This means that you get tax relief on your donation immediately - and at your highest rate of tax.

If your employer has a Payroll Giving Scheme you can make a donation by authorising your employer or pension provider to deduct a set amount from your salary or pension income. Your employer or pension payer hands over your gift to a government-approved Payroll Giving Agency, which then passes the money on to your chosen charity. You do not have to tell your employer or pension provider which charities you support. Instead you complete a simple form for the Payroll Giving Agency, telling it where to send your donations. Some Payroll Giving Agencies can provide you with a charity card or cheque book so you can make gifts directly to any charity whenever you want to.

You can give anonymously - your chosen charity doesn’t need to know your details but obviously we would like to thank you for supporting Unique so please let Jenny know ( if you have joined your company’s scheme as we won’t automatically be informed. If your employer doesn’t yet have a scheme, ask them to contact us and we can point them in the right direction!

Skill Sharing

Do members of your company's staff have skills that Unique could benefit from? Specialist areas like financial and corporate governance, HR and marketing are often very useful for charities like Unique with limited resources. Donating a member (or members) of your staff for a set period can be hugely valuable to them and us.

Gifts In Kind

If you or your company can't make a donation right now, gifts in kind (donated gifts and services) can be a huge help. For example, with only a very small office we have been extremely grateful to SupaStorage in Wimbledon, London ( who have donated a storage unit for the past three years, saving us the expenditure. Can your company do something similar to help us out?

Please contact Craig Mitchell, Unique's Chief Operating Officer ( or Jenny Knight, Finance Officer ( to discuss support for the charity.